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At PV Brokers Property Management , we are happy to work with owners who handle their own repairs and painting as well as provide qualified professional to do the work for you. We accompany all new residents on a walk-through inspection at the time of possession. A written report is provided noting the condition of the property, and is signed by both the resident and staff member. A move-out report is also completed with a staff member when keys are returned. Depending on the type of unit, we may inspect as often as once per week. When repairs are requested, we are inquisitive as to whether a repairman is needed. We request that the tenant check breakers, reset buttons on disposal, and advise them of their responsibility regarding “tenant related damage”. Tenants are responsible for all broken windows. We strive to keep your expenditures to a minimum.


3-Day Notices to Pay Rent or Quit are served immediately in the event that your tenant has not paid their rent by the due date. We would be happy to explain the current rates of an eviction proceeding and how the process works. With the assistance of a collection service, we will follow up with any monies owed to you by your former tenant, including wage garnishment. Our low fees are based on collected rents. We do not have any set up fee or rent-up fee charges. We are confident that you will find our rates to be very competitive and look forward to providing you with a quotation. We pride ourselves on our friendly services combined with effective and competent management. Through our years of experience in this field, we have discovered that “Hands On Management” is truly the “Key to Success.” Our motto is to keep vacancies to a minimum and rents to maximum market rate. Join us soon and the result will be expertly managed properties that will ensure you a sound return on your investment!